Culture of Taste

or invitation to paint on bread with white butter and red jam

You remember the last evening when you wanted to have a small dinner sauntering from a diner to a restaurant to a pub. In front of each entrance you find a board, if not even a waiter, pointing out what is offered. First, you can sit down. Like in a restaurant. And get your palate warmed up by the pictures and let the eyes eat. You can look at the a-boards in the same way as at a menu and compare which sandwich with jam has got the right red to fit with your mood, and take a sandwich with cheese, too, with a cream yellow touch or rather in a strong dark? Painted on a slice of bread with a grounding of butter. Sometimes the butter up to the edge with only a small portion of jam, and then jam to the extent the canvas bread offers. This is the kind of painting everybody exercises in the morning when having breakfast.

However, everybody will eat his sandwich and will not look at it very long, perhaps reading a newspaper at the same time.