Zuckerpuppe; Stefan und Juwelia, Wohnzimmer

Dolly Bird – Stefan und Juwelia

Photos shot and texts collected by Anja Teske

A simple woman, a sophisticated man, a diadem which belongs to her.

The joggers belong to him – and the Birkenstocks. He paints her curls onto the canvas. She paints the shadows of his guests into the foreground, right down at the edge. She always does not have enough time for shining and shimmering, for neatly arranged stones and ornaments. He gives her all of his attention. And, when nobody expects it, he is smilingly he.

He gives her the space she needs.


Interview excerpt between Juwelia and Anja:
Do you feel better when being a man or a woman?


“It depends, sometimes so and sometimes so. Oh, now I would like to be woman or man or what I am just at the moment.

To be honest, I am a lonely person, and being a woman I get into contact with people more easily.

I get to know three or four people per year more intensively, but besides this I am alone, I like to be at home and like to be lazy. Lothar likes to stay by himself, too; we got accustomed to that. At the end of the day everybody is alone. I like to be with other people; however, it always depends with whom.


When I “dress” myself, it is like a cure. My body is being rinsed out. A feeling like thirst has developed. It is silly, too; however, with the wig a show evolves. Ultimately, as a man I behave in the same way.

I am asexual, like David Bowie.

Being man or woman, my feeling is the same. However, being a woman I receive more feed-back.

I am very, very eager to be recognised. I experience life and meet lots of people, hundred times more than being a man.

An easier life with beauty farms, physiotherapy, and the fount of health. I want to be recognised, being a man nobody is looking at you. I need it; it gives me a lot of energy. Today, as a woman in Berlin – is that nonsense? It is easy living. Full of vitamins.

People drive motor-cycles or go fishing as their hobbies; I have got my wigs and dresses.

Of course, I am transsexual.”……………..