Good and reasonable – Satiety

Land of milk and honey, cultivated radish, barrio garden, market, sweets, mobile kitchens, ketchup, marmalade, oil, bitter, sugar, historical host-table, to chew, bio, country-guesthouse, food bank, opulent or artless, liver, cantina, abandoned tavern, fish and chips, fast food chain, motorway service area, chef, tomato purée, countries, Brueghel, Wilhelm Busch, kitchen staff, ancient inn, clink glasses, toast, den of thieves, chumminess, Romans, Franz Hals Haarlem, pastry, Breakfast, belly, snacks, beefsteak, smells, killing animals, dough, seducing cooks, mother, Balzac, haute cuisine, cookbook publishers, culinary movies, scandal, porridge, lust, Porcelain, Adam and Eve, bread and wine, hunger, champagne, breadcrumbs, lifestyles, literature and eating, decadence, department stores, excessive eating, companion, barbecue Royal, drunks, beans, a hungry man has no conscience, decency, France, Vienna, diet, take one, artificial ice, in a fishbowl, eat art, refrigerated food, baking, to eat out.

The photographs are from a series taken in Xiamen, China in 2013. They show people of different age groups earning a living as traders. In contrast to modern supermarkets, where the same things are marketed, here you can see the process – buying or catching the animals yourself – preferences for varieties – gutting them – keeping them artificially alive – at the same time dealing with other things, like talking on the phone, texting and sleeping, counting money and contacting potential customers.