Wald Gestruepp Mecklenburg Alt Jassewitz


From Jungle to cultivated Forest and back
Jassewitzer Busch

2004 – 2022, 30 b/w photographs, 2m x 2,20m or 28 x 38cm


I have been photographing in this forest, the Jassewitzer Busch, which was designated as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s first protection forest in 2001, since 2004. First with a medium format camera in B/W and since a few years also with 35mm in colour. The project started as a counterpart to my work with other people, which demanded all my attention. I felt an urgent need to explore myself through images as well, so I initially called the work “The Forest is Me.” The forest also represents my curiosity about the wild, the tangled, and the not-getting-through. I have to keep looking for new paths and, in this process, discover the stage sets of my self.

The forest changes its shape permanently. Environmental factors such as heavy storms, drought and the bark beetle have a massive effect on the forest.

Im Wald.

Grünberg Verlag, Weimar & Rostock
ISBN 978 3 933713 47 6

The book was published in august 2015