My Artistic Self

6 of 14 photographs 2021 + 2022 
Pigment prints 105 x 90 cm with 5 cm white border printed on handmade paper  
or 28 x 42 cm on handmade paper


Because of Corona, the usual visual and psychological exploration of the other was interrupted, I was thrown back on my self. In this silence, I searched for ways to sculpturally capture myself, to represent my volume, to incorporate myself into sculptural contexts, and to reflect on the conflict between body and mind.

My hair is my fur, my protection, my hood, and makes up a large part of me. As a child, my mother used to cut my hair really short when she wasn’t happy with me. It was quite horrible. As I got older, I didn’t want to cut my hair anymore. It became my statement and part of my identity.