aus dem Staubsauger Landschaften, Vergangenes

Memories – A Search for Traces.

How long does the past or its remnants run after us?

The work exists in two versions:
15 photographs, 110 x 90 cm, printed on handmade paper
and 15 postcards with inscribed backs.

These landscapes of dust clouds were first conceived as a synonym for condensed memory and fragmented history for an exhibition at the Bunkermuseum Oberhausen. Within the last few years, new motifs were added from the artist’s own dust clouds. In addition, I have developed another version of the work. In 2021, I traced my father’s roots in Stolp/Pomerania, researched in archives and travelled to places that were inhabited by family members. Following dialogues with him and my grandmother and myself, I wrote postcards to myself about the time, the loss of home and the flight, about the impact of German history on the individual, my family. On the backs of the cards are the dust stocks as compressed memory.

The contents of a vacuum cleaner bag are spread out again, illuminated and photographed. People flee.